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Crazy Dom Crazy Dom

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Okay, another nice and simple catchy song. You really did hit me hard for repetition and you do far less variation, especially in the drums, than I'd expect from someone who criticizes such a thing so hard and scores so low because of it. It's all good though because this is a nice track aside from the ending. It ended abruptly in the middle of the melody. Did the render get cut short?

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modder200 responds:

you know, this kind of music is made for dancing. dancing songs have to have long parts that doesn't change just for allowing dancing. dubsteap instead is like metal, it needs constant changes to be real dubsteb. saying that, this is something i did in 2 hours for fun. if you want to really judge my work i raccomend you "From Within, Rage & Love". that's a song much complex and better than this (different genere though)

From Within, Rage & Love From Within, Rage & Love

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I liked it! Funny how you slap me for repetition yet your beat is guilty of the same thing you hit me up for. Kettle calling the pot black aren't we? Still, I did enjoy the song either way. It is simple but it has a catchy vibe to it.

modder200 responds:

thank you for liking it and still wanting to say somethig bad :) i appriciate it anyways